3 days Wildlife Safari - three days snow mobile safari

The arctic winter landscape and fauna have always had a magical attraction on humans. With its 61,000 square kilometres, Svalbard offer enormous areas of untouched arctic nature. It is the arctic fox, reindeer, seals and polar bears that reign. To fully experience this arctic wilderness, we need to utilize snowmobiles and have a sufficient amount of time. During three days of Wildlife Safari, we will have enough time to get the feeling of being a part of the grand arctic nature. We also have the opportunity to experience the realm of polar bears on the east coast of Spitsbergen. Our guides, who possess both experience and local knowledge, will arrange this trip to make it a memorable experience for the participants, both by passing on local history and by facilitating an experience of the nature and the arctic wildlife. We will spend the nights in our simple cabin in Fulmardalen.

Day 1:

After breakfast, at 09:30 am you will be picked up by the guide at your choice of accommodation, who will take you to our storage for a briefing. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the other participants as we prepare and pack for our trip. We will brief you on the planned route and give you an update on the weather forecast. Equipment and luggage are strapped to the sledges, and we will equip you with solid and warm snowmobile suits. We estimate to start our journey from Longyearbyen at 11 am. Today’s journey will bring us through Adventdalen and Sassendalen. In a side valley to Sassendalen, we will find our «trappers’ cabin”. After a short stop at the cabin, we will head towards the east coast.

Day 2: 

We will drive north east before reaching the frozen sea ice on Storfjorden. Depending on the ice conditions, we will drive to the area from Dunèr in the south to the glacier Negribreen in the north. This is a landscape the polar bear appreciates, and occasionally we will stop to look for polar bears and seals. We estimate spending the whole day outside, allowing time to let the impressions sink in. We will return to the cabin on the same track we drove on in the morning, looking towards the magnificent glaciers further north. Distance of driving is about 100 – 140 km.

Day 3: 

Our last day in the arctic wilderness will offer yet another chance to visit the east coast along a different route than the previous days. On the return back to Longyearbyen, we can choose to travel via the former mining settlement of Svea or the west coast. Estimated arrival in Longyearbyen is 5 pm.. Distance: approx. 90-140 km.


Periode: February - April
Dager: Tuesday-Thursday
Tidspunkt: Weekly at 08:30
Varighet: 3 days
Pris 1: NOK 17 460
Pris 2: NOK 500 Sleeping bag
Pris 3: Demanding Level 4 of 5


General information:

The execution of the trip may vary some from the description. Due to weather conditions, we may choose to drive longer or shorter trips than what has been described for each day. There is a fairly high chance of seeing polar bears on the trip, but we cannot issue any form of guarantee. The guide will at all times evaluate and adjust the route according to the weather and snow conditions.

Demands of participants:

Driver’s license for snowmobile (car/motorcycle is also valid). Previous experience from snowmobiling is not necessary as the guide will teach and supervise you. We offer snow mobile insurance with deductible NOK 6000,-. If other insurances is prefered, please contact your insurance company and confirm it before arrival in Longyearbyen.

Included in the price:

Transport to and from your accommodation, snowmobile, suitable clothing, food, accommodation in our cabin, experienced guide with necessary safety equipment. Sleeping bag might be rented for NOK 500,-

Min 4 and maximum 6 participants.

An additional fare of NOK 1.500, - per person, will be added if there are only 3 participants. NOK 3000 per person if only 2 participants. Other guests may appear in cabin.

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