HIKE and OVERNIGHT; A full night experience in the ice cave

Join us for an overnight trip in the magical ice cave!

It’s out in the untouched nature you can experience the magic of Svalbard at its best.

To experience the light and the colours, we must leave the houses and the artificial light from the city. It’s only when we get out in the nature – and darkness - we can experience the magic light the dark period /Polar Night can give when walking to the Cave. During February our daylight is back.

Day 1:

The first day, the guide will pick you up at your accommodation at 5 pm. We will drive down to our storage for a short briefing about the trip and pick the equipment we need. When the snowshoes are adjusted, we head towards the glacier. It doesn’t take long before we get in the shade of the light from Longyearbyen and enter the Polar Night. We follow the glacier in a steady climb until we reach the glacier plateau where the ice cave is. Here we fire up the stove and enjoy a warm cup of drink before continuing our evening trip up the mountain. From the ridge and the top of the mountain itself, the view of the landscape in the twilight of the dark period is fantastic. After the hike, we return to the cave where we prepare dinner and get ready for a night under the magical glacier. Here you will experience an underground world with halls, narrow passages, and thick layers of mighty ice crystals.

Day 2:

After a relaxing breakfast, we pack and get prepared to the return down to town. We are not far away from Longyearbyen and civilization. We expect to be back in Longyearbyen at approx. 11:00 am.

Change of program:

Program of the trip may be changed during the trip, according to weather changes and the size of the group.

Demands of participants: 

The trip is moderately difficult because of the hike in cold weather and the possible crawling in the cave. This trip does not really fit for guests who have serious back problems, claustrophobia, or poor physical shape. 

You must be able to carry equipment for the overnight activity - guide will help to pack.


Dager: Tuesday/Friday
Tidspunkt: Pick up at 17:00 - 11:00
Pris 1: NOK 3390 per person
Pris 2: NOK 3000 pr child (age 12 - 15 years old)
Pris 3: Demanding Level 3-4 of 5

Price includes:

Transportation to/from accommodation, food, sleeping mat and guide with necessary safety equipment.

An additional fare of NOK 1000.- pr person will be added if there are only 2 guests booked

Rent a sleeping bag NOK 500

Minimum 2 participants and maximum 4. If private Group max 6 persons


Epost: info@wildlife.no
Telefon: +47 79 02 22 22