Boat trip with MS Polargirl

Experience the Svalbard nature onboard M/S Polargirl. We will visit the Russian settlements of Barentsburg and Pyramiden and stop in front of the Nordenskiold - and Esmark glacier. Sometimes we see seals on the sea ice, whales blowing and if we are very lucky - The Polar Bear. The fjords are full of bird life and the Fulmar bird will follow the boat on these boat trips. Remember to follow guide all the time due to polar bear risk. Welcome onboard!

PYRAMIDEN: Pick-up starts at 08:30 in Nybyen, we will be leaving the harbour at 09:00.
On our way crossing, we pay a little visit to Skansbay. This bay is about 2 km long and are known for its enriching animal and plant life. Here as well we find remainings after mining life, this time from the huge number of gypsum that this place had. Lasted for short time. From here we go into Pyramiden area, which is located in Billefjord. The town was founded by Sweden in 1910 and sold to Sovjetunionen in 1927. It has its name after the pyramid shaped mountain located right next to it. The people who lived here felt that this was paradise, everything was set for people to be happy here. They had a gas station, school, kindergarten, hotels and restaurants. In 1998 the coal mining was closed by the Trust Arktikugol, and since this time the place has been abandoned. Most buildings are today as they were when they were abandoned. In 2013 the company Arktikugol opened up a bar and hotel in Pyramiden. On Our route, when leaving Pyramiden, you get a warm lunch on the aft deck of Polargirl, and suddenly we are Close to the Nordenskiöld glacier. This glacier is 15 km long and 4 km wide. On Our way back to Longyearbyen, we sail Close to the bird mountain Diabas. 

BARENTSBURGPick-up starts at 08:30 in Nybyen, we will be leaving the harbour at 09:00.
Join us, sailing in an amazing Arctic landscape. We bring you out from Longyearbyen and head towards Barentsburg, which is the second largest town on Svalbard. The population of approx. 500 People, consists almost entirely of Russians and Ukrainians. The town used to be self-sufficient, but has now become dependent on Russia for food supplement. In the glorious days when it was under Sovjetunionen, the town was a display for the communism in the Artcic. But when the system collapsed and the supplement did no longer come, the city ​​decayed and a dramatic downsizing was a fact. In the latest years there has been huge changes in the city. Hotels and other buildings has been renovated and the town is again developing. 

On our way to Barentsburg we have a stopover at the Esmark Glacier. Esmark Glacier is located on Oscar II Land and is about 15 kilometer long. It is named after the Danish geologist Jens Esmark (1763-1839) After this glacier, we head for Barentsburg, where we will be in harbour for about 2 hours. There are 250 steps you have to walk to get from where the boat is, up to the town. While you are there it is recommended that you make a visit to the little chapel on the top, that where made as a memory for the people who died in the Operamountain accident (1996). You will find the souvenir shop on your way back to Polargirl. On Our sailing from the glacier to Barentsburg, you get a warm lunch on the aft deck of Polargirl.

After visiting this town the boat will sail in front of the Grumant city and Birdcliff. Around 1962, The Sovjet-Russian Grumant city was abandoned around 1962. Earlier this was a mining town, but because of hard conditions with the harbor and a decrease in the Production, the mine was closed.
Last stop before Longyearbyen, will be in front of the Birdcliff.

Whale searching: Join us on M/V Polargirl for an evening trip searching for the biggest animals on the planet - the blue whale, finwhale, humpback whale and belugas.
The captain and the guides will do their best trying to spot them, but there is no guarantee that we will see them on every trip.  We search for the wales every Tuesday evening, the pick up from the hotels starts at 18:30 and the trip lasts for 4-5 hours Barbecue will be served during the trip.

Please respect the guide and stay With the Group when/if on land due to polar bear risk!




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Periode: May - September
Pris 1: NOK 1950

Pyramiden and Nordenskiöld glacier

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday

Duration: Approximately 9 - 10 hours

Pick-up: 08:30 AM at your hotel

Adults: Kr. 1 950

Seniors: Kr. 1 750

Children (age 6 - 15 years old): Kr. 900

Children (age 0 - 5 years old): Free

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Barentsburg and Esmark glacier

Tuesday, Friday and Sunday

Duration: Approximately 9 - 10 hours

Pick-up: 08:30 AM at your hotel

Adults: Kr. 1950

Seniors: Kr. 1750

Children (age 6 - 15 years old): Kr. 900

Children (age 0 - 5 years old): Free

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Whale watching - Evening Trip

Every Tuesday

Duration: Approximately 4 - 5 hours

Pick-up: 19:00 (7:00 PM) at your hotel 

Adults: Kr. 1 400,-

Seniors: Kr. 1 300,-

Children (age 6 - 15 years old): Kr. 800,-

Children (age 0 -5 years old): Free

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Telefon: +47 79 02 22 22

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