Prins Karls Forland - Summer

Publisert: 17.09.2015 10:00

Join us on a treasure hunt among culture historical remains on Prins Karls Forland. Along the central west coast of Spitsbergen, Prins Karls Forland forms an 86 km long and 11 km wide island, the westernmost place you can possibly reach on Svalbard. 

Waves directly from the Arctic Ocean break against the west coast of this island, and North Greenland is the next landfall to the west. This island holds a landscape of contrasts with its alpine summits, verdigris green grass plains and barren rock deserts side by side. We offer this fantastic landscape as a setting for one 9 days long hiking trip on the northern side of the island. We will wander carrying the tent on our backs and set a new camp every evening. Our experiences will include an amazingly rich nature and cultural monuments from former hunting and industrial activities on Svalbard. In the course of this trip, we will feel part of the vast wilderness and run a minimal risk of meeting other people in this part of Svalbard.

The trip is scheduled from July / August


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