Kayaking on Svalbard.

Publisert: 11.05.2017 11:22

Have you tried kayaking in the Arctic? We offer daytrips, evening trips in the midnight sun and overnight trips. You can experience wildlife, magnificent Svalbard nature and  paddling in front of the glacier front on the longer expeditions.

Join us for Kayak day trips in Adventfjorden, one of Svalbard’s most historical fjords surrounded by mountains up to 1000 metres tall. We can also offer an evening kayak trip in the midnight sun or if you are more adventures you can join us for one of you overnight trips.

Overnight kayak trip in Isfjorden - 2 days

Billefjord Kayak Trip - 4 days 

Spitsbergen Kayak Expedition - 7 days

Wildlife camps including kayak 3 days and 4 days